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5 Home Features Young Home Buyers Love |

5 Home Features Young Home Buyers Love |

5 Home Features Young Home Buyers Love |

5 Home Features Young Home Buyers Love

Couple with their young daughter.Selling a home can be contingent on the property's value, condition and desirable features. Depending on the type of home buyer, there are certain features that may help seal the deal.
Here's a list of some popular home options for the younger home buyer.

1. Move-In Ready
A lot of young buyers are busy starting careers or families and will appreciate a home that doesn't need a lot of transition time.

2. Low-Maintenance
Most young buyers are also first-time buyers, which means they won't have much experience in home maintenance. They'll be attracted to a home that runs smoothly, and doesn't require an extensive knowledge of plumbing, electricity or construction.

3. Great For Entertaining
Young, hip homeowners often enjoy an active social life, which means they will be on the lookout for a home that's conducive to entertaining. An open kitchen or a large, screened-in porch are a few great examples.

4. Modern appliances
The generation of young home buyers who are hitting the market now are of the information age. They want "smart" technology, and that doesn't just apply to their phones. High-tech home appliances are big selling points, especially to younger buyers.

5. Convenient location
A home that's situated close to shopping, dining and entertainment is an attractive option for any buyer - but young home buyers will be especially drawn to good locations.

Keep in mind that every home buyer is different. Despite the common similarities in certain buyers, this list may not apply to everyone.

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