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Lisa Bear, How do I find the right real estate agent in Milwaukee County? Series (#1 of 6)

Lisa Bear, How do I find the right real estate agent in Milwaukee County? Series (#1 of 6) 

The topic today in Lisa Bear, How do I find the right real estate agent in Milwaukee County? Series (#1 of 6) is finding the right agent to list your home. There are many real estate agents that are all too ready to list your home. There are a number of thoughts you need to entertain when hiring the right one. The first that comes to mind is the number of years they have been actively selling real estate, and do they sell or have they sold enough real estate to have gained lots of experience. The question is to ask them specific questions. I have put together a report entitled "The 19 Questions you must ask a real estate agent BEFORE you list your home". In this report are very specific questions that are to be asked to narrow the selection very fast. This saves lots of possible headaches down the road and lends for a great talk.
The next question would be is to ask and to also see a copy of their action plan and market plan that they use to get your property to the closing table. Not just an offer, but to the closing table. Make no bones about it; good agents receive many offers on a property and the offer that rolls towards a successful closing has work/terms/conditions and deadlines that ALL need to be addressed before a closing is set and the papers are set for that special day.
Never be afraid to ask for references and if possible phone numbers to call the references. Since most successful real estate agents plan on building their business the path to a closing, and the follow up after the closing can often set a tone for future business. Granted, this Industry we know as real estate has some road blocks and every so often there are disgruntle people that we should have not worked with in the first place. So out of fairness remember this is a full time job that requires readily available service.
In addition, do not hesitate to ask about references from cooperating brokers and agents. I have written about it before, and I will say it again, I have the sheer luxury of working with some of the best people in Milwaukee County Real Estate in the Milwaukee County real estate market. As one of the  Milwaukee County real estate agents in this County I can tell you that I have friends and fellow colleagues in my business that I thank everyday. Stay away from brokers that condemn others or like to hear themselves talk; if the people you are about to hire don't have a great and friendly dispostion to them what is your journey going to bring you to get to the closing table. Feel free to Google finding a Milwaukee County real estate agent .
One more thought; ask the agent you are about to hire if they have a guarantee. That's right, a guarantee. For example our guarantee says that if "At any time you are not totally delighted and happy with our service and you want to part ways just ask us to withdrawal the listing and we will be happy to. Provided there is not an offer on the property and it is on it's way to closing." This is a proving ground!
There are many more tips I could give you and I welcome a call at 262-893-5555 or an email at waukeshacountyhomes@gmail.com so I may be able to help you with them. If you are in Milwaukee County and you need to sell your property within the next 90 days and want a exclusive seller package just feel free to call me. If you need to buy within the next 90 days or so we have our work cut out for us; just call  and request the Buyer VIP package. By all means feel free to request the free special report "The 19 Questions you must ask a real estate agent BEFORE you list your home" is a must

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