Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lisa Bear, How do I find the right real estate agent in Milwaukee County? Series (#2 of 6)

 In our next part of our series  "Lisa Bear, How do I find the right real estate agent in Milwaukee County? Series (#2 of 6)" the topic will be selecting the right real estate agent in Milwaukee County to help you buy a home. This is not as easy as Googling Finding a real estate agent in Milwaukee County . When you are ready to buy a home or property there are many areas of concern that you may want to address and make sure are covered before and during the home buying process. Your first plan of attack would be to have the Milwaukee County real estate agent recommend a number of qualified lenders that will start an application and get you pre-approved for a property. By being pre-approved you know what you qualify for in terms of mortgage, what program will be best suited for you in correlation to your down payment and needs. Being pre-qualified also takes out a lot of guess work and gives the listing broker and the seller peace of mind knowing you are a qualified buyer and have taken the first and very important step of buying a home.
The next question you will want to ask is what experience they have, how long they have been selling real estate, and what separates their team from the others. With the appropriate team or individual Milwaukee County real estate agent time management is crucial. You are on a schedule and it takes a experienced agent to be on the same page that you are on to make it all fit time wise. One of the biggest arms of confidence you can have is to ask if the agent you are interviewing can be your buyer agent. They should explain the benefits of a buyer agency to you, but in a nut shell you want to make sure that someone is working in your best interest. Ask for recommendations and testimonials, and if possible, phone numbers for those you obtain.
Please take note of the next recommendation and question; make sure the agent fully explains the home buying process, what to expect, the timing and semantics of an offer, and in short you are totally comfortable in the home buying process and that you understand it If you don't ask the necessary questions until you get the right answer. Never forget that you are in the driver seat and when you work with someone to buy a home, and that you demand and require certain criteria in what you want in terms of the home you want, your timing to purchase the home, and make sure they know your concerns and interests in your approach to buying that Milwaukee County home and that you understand the Milwaukee County real estate market.
 There are many more tips I could give you and I welcome a call at 262-893-5555 or an email at so I may be able to help you with them. If you are in Milwaukee County and you need to sell your property within the next 90 days and want a exclusive seller package just feel free to call me If you need to buy within the next 90 days or so we have our work cut out for us; just call me and request the Buyer VIP package. By all means feel free to request the free special report "The 19 Questions you must ask a real estate agent BEFORE you list your home" is a must if you want to list.
 Lisa Bear  
Please visit our previous post which the topic was  Lisa Bear, How do I find the right real estate agent in Milwaukee County? Series (#1 of 6) is finding the right agent to list your home.

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